Month: May 2012

….Guilty….Oops Am sorry

Over 100 people in the last decade have been wrongfully accused of a crime they didn’t commit either due to lack of evidence or witnesses! Imagine if you have been wrongful accused of doing something you know you didn’t and… Read More ›

I Love You – Chris Brown

This song has been on repeat in my car stereo all day……..Forget the controversy but Chris Brown has done it again……this song is totally amazing!!! Been tryna find out if this song is on his new album title ‘Fortune’ scheduled… Read More ›

Two Words: Heart Attack

This is definitely my song of the moment…….. I love it, from the beat to the lyrics……and best of all it one of those songs am convinced was written about me right now… (don’t you sometimes feel like you listen… Read More ›

Heart Matters…….

So am guessing it normal that when a girl gets to a certain age, say between 22 and 30, when the occasional thought of being in-love, getting married and the most wanted, ‘happily ever after’ comes to mind! She said… Read More ›


Hi, Welcome to my blog, 26 Sticks – bits of a social introvert. Hmm….why 26 Sticks???? Honestly, I have no idea…….I just wanted a name that was unique, while doing a random search I looked at my calender and the… Read More ›