Heart Matters…….

So am guessing it normal that when a girl gets to a certain age, say between 22 and 30, when the occasional thought of being in-love, getting married and the most wanted, ‘happily ever after’ comes to mind! She said at 18, she thought 21 would be the age to say I do….1st child at 24! If only she had known she would be love-lost at 27! But somehow she hasn’t given up on the possibility of falling in-love……..But she might just settle for someone who loves her more!

There is the so-called “Knight in Shining Amour” is slightly overrated if you ask me. The average twenty-umtheng female has probably been through one if not more heart breaks, bad relationships, they probably would say the one they thought was the shinning amour was pretty much an idiot wrapped in tin foil!

It’s hard to find that one person you think or you know you are going to spend the rest of your life with…..So many fairy tales around you just wonder where yours is……some girls are lucky…..they meet a guy and in that instant they know! For others it take a lil’ bit more than that! It might take a conversation on a 13 hour flight or dating someone and being introduced to the one you are truly supposed to be with! It might be a rude awakening, a sudden diversion in life to make you realise that what you were searching for was right there in front of you or it just might be a series of almost perfects, a couple of Idiots in tin foil to find the one!

There is the well-known saying that it’s better for the guy to like girl more! That way the guy is always devoted to the woman who on the other hand isn’t totally driven by her emotions! This saying was a lot more popular with the older women but seems these days the twenty-umthengs are beginning to adopt this phrase. They say it makes the marriage last longer. My mum has said this to me before but it’s one of those things you hear every now and then during the hour of advice. But recently I decided to think more ’bout it when my brother said the exact same thing to me.

A lady said, “I believe that this type of thinking is left over from times when women literally needed men. Now we don’t need a man to survive, to feed ourselves and our children and to pay the bills. The idea that the man should love us more than we love him came about because if a man loved us that much then he would not abandon us to starve and live in poverty.” Interestingly, one guy said, “If I love her more, I would be more faithful. I would work harder at the relationship. If she’s making it all about me and I know, I am going take advantage.” They say the most powerful, alpha man, can be the most vulnerable man once he’s in love. He’ll love his woman, more than himself at times. She may never know it, but it’s how he feels. He needs to feel this way. He won’t necessarily feel she loves him less, because a woman’s love is wide and expansive, no matter how small. But let’s face it, we ladies can be silly sometime! We sometimes let our emotions get d best of us! We just might end up even more in love with the man at the end of d day!

How do you decide to marry someone you’re not totally in-love with? What makes the lady decide to get married for convenience? Does that mean the heart is out of the way and you just basically settling to be comfortable for the rest of your life…….or as long as the marriage lasts! But is that really a better decision……would you rather be comfortable than be in-love. Probably every 1 in 100 women would tell you they support the about, and a few have actually thought about the possibility of going down that road after all there is a possibility that you might hate the person you were once in love with.

If you would ask me, I honestly have no idea what I would say! One minute it’s about prince charming! Next am waving the flag of miss independent! Like a friend once said, anything she lays her hand upon she puts in her best efforts. I guess you can say for me when I fall, I fall hard, so far I won’t say it been with all the wrong ones or maybe it’s just been at the wrong time……lol my tin-foil hotties……lol…..Nways am done.

Till another random thought!


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