Friend Zoned?!?!……..No Way………

scornedNo! I Shall Not Be Zoned!!!
NO I Refuse to be zoned
Lol! You think I don’t see what you see trying to do
I see your attempts to make me “Just a Friend”
But I refuse.
I hear that tone in your voice

Talking to me like “we are guys”
…..No! we are not.
I shall continue to call you at odd hours,
show up at your house without prior notice
send you embarrassing gifts at work
and talk to your mum daily.
You know your last attempt to embarrass me backfired
when I invited your “female guest” into “our home”.
Just thought I should use this medium to tell you this,
“Your mum gave me the family aso-ebi for your sister’s wedding”
and we both know am not your sister.
Feel Free to call me a desperado or a stalker
But Never call me “Just a friend”
I am not one of those babes that would breakdown and cry
I’m the type that “taketh by force.”
You are allowed to be some worth upset or frustrated
but you shall be my boyfriend
and if I like you a little more
I shall start making efforts to get your people to go see my people.
After misleading me on  for so long
you want to zone me
Sweetheart, I shall not be zoned.
By the way next week is our anniversary.



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Source: The author is unknown.  
Image: Cartoon cave

Categories: Factual Drama, Freshly Pressed

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