My TV life without My Favs.

My TV life without my favourite series

This might sound rather pathetic but am one of those addicted to tv series, both frictional and reality (planned reality) tv shows, I loved the hills, Laguna beach, grey anatomy, desperate housewives, one tree hill till Marisa left, gossip girls, the girlfriends………..

It’s 2012 and everything seems to be going wrong, my fav. peps are leaving…….

– The Whole cast of Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives was quite simply the perfect cocktail of drama, glamour and friendship – and it was the friendship that mattered most. If you scrape away beneath the murders, plane crashes and tornadoes, the show is a simple testament to the importance of your pals. The saddest episode for me was when Mike Delfino door shot and died in Susan’s arms. I admit I did a lot more than shed tears. The funeral service and flashback……sometimes you just need to look back just to understand what’s really important for the future…..The Women of Desperate Housewives……

Gabrielle Solis, Gaby, what I loved most about Gaby was are lack of regard to live in reality, well except for when Carlos was in prison, that was some reality check. Some how I always had that that Juanita wasn’t hers but season 8 never said anything about her. Season 8, Gaby actually has a heart, allows Carlos quite his job and actually start work….at what she does best. Lynette Scavo, the all American mother. She made you believe for a split second that a woman can have it all, a successful career and a family. I loved her and Tom together so much I cried when they decided to separate at the end of season 7. During the Mike’s funeral when Lynette’s flashback makes one understand that some things are worth fighting for. O yeah, the highlight of season 8, Susan and Lynette are bout to be co-parents to Julie and Potter’s baby. Back to why I adored the love between Tom and Lynette, when Lynette is afraid that she might be arrested as an accessory to murder, she runs after Tom, who is bout to go on a trip to Paris with his new girlfriend Jane (imposter), and confesses her secret to him. Though he get mad at Lynette, He stays. And at the end, they reconcile. Bree Van de Kamp……..even through all she went through, still managed to have a perfect mask over her face. I would always remember Bree for her perfectionist attitude, though some say its an obsessive compulsive this order.  One minute she was cooking her ass off and the next her guns. Bree did go around with the men. There was Rex, Orson, Karl, Keith, Chuck, the many one nighters during her depression phase, and Trip, her lawyer, whom she finally married at the end, making him her 3rd husband. Susan Delfino, the “notoriously clumsy” one. It’s hard to think of Susan and not remember Mike. Even through the separation, I always knew Susan and Mike would get back together. Susan is the most emotional of the four. After Mike’s death,  Susan sells her home on Wisteria Lane and she and M.J. move to help Julie raise the baby.

Am definitely going to miss Wisteria Lane, Gaby, Susan, Lynette, Bree and Eddie, yes I said Eddie, there is always a dark secret, the blackmail, murder, the deceit and most especially the women. And, not to forget Mrs. McCluskey. Less than three weeks Karen McCluskey succumbed to lung cancer on the series, in real life, she (real name Kathryn Joosten) — died of the same disease at 72, May her soul rest in peace.

– Lexie from Grey’s Anatomy

Introduced in Season 4, as the half-sister of Meredith Grey. She has been in a relationship with Alex, Mark and Jackson. It was her relationship with Mark that made me fall in love with her.  She is also sometimes known as Lexipedia (because of her photographic memory) or “Little Grey” by other doctors on staff. I must admit, I hated Lexie when she 1st came into the series, but the she cooked up with McSteamy and I was hooked on her character. The final episode of season 8, Lexi finally told Mark how she felt, that she loved him and I was excited, looking forward to season 9 and then Shonda Rhimes and to just do this…….The plane crash…..Lexi died…..argh! 1st no more Izzie, No more George O’Malley, now no more Lexie and I hear no more Teddy…….Shonda Rhimes better stop killing off awesome people. And guess what……although nothing is being said or confirmed yet, we fans are wondering if Arizona would make it into the 9th season…….she better……She recently revealed why she decided to have Lexie die, saying it was a join decision between her and Chyler (who plays Lexie). Chyler said, “Earlier this year, I made the decision that season 8 would be my last….I am very lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew….Your unconditional love and support have made these last five years very special for me…..”

Why I like Lexie – At 1st, when she was 1st introduced, I wanted her killed off immediately. But slowly, she started to warm up and actually become an interesting person. I loved her the most when she was in a relationship with Mark, a.k.a McSteamy. It obvious that Lexie is fascinated about the idea of being in love, that is another thing I love about her.  After  Meredith and Derek, my most favourite couple, Mark and Lexie. To think Mark the player was actually the loving kind.  Even after they broke up and Lexie was with Jackson (another hawtie) I still wanted Mark and Lexie back together. The episode in season 8 where Lexie confesses to Mark that she’s still in love with him was a true awww moment, a long-awaited moment and finally but then Lexi had to die. 

– Addison Montgomery and Pete of Private Practise

Addison was the one you love to hate from Grey’s Anatomy till the spin-off show private practise started.  Private Practise without Addison to me is like Grey’s anatomy without Meredith.  Rumours have been buzzing about the fate of Addison on the show and Kate Walsh recently confirmed that she would be leaving at the end of season 6. Though Addison isn’t leaving till the end, Pete (violet’s husband) is out. Tim Daly who plays Pete twitted, ” Wonderful fans of PP. Shonda Rhimes informed my agent today that Pete wont be returning for season 6. It was a great 5 yrs. R.I.P. Pete Wilder.” O boy…….wonder what Violet would be up to in the next season.

– Charlie of Two and A Half Men

There is no argument, think two and a half men all i can think of is Charlie Sheen. Yes he let his private life get the best of his professional career and he got fired. The episode where he was killed of was officially my last episode of two and a half men. I tried to watch an episode with Aston Kutcher and it just wasn’t working. The natural humor seemed forced, over created and I just gave up. Two and a half men to me will always be Charlie, Alan, Jake and Bertha. From Alan continuous misfortunes both in love and financially, to Charlie and his womanising ways and trying to give it all up and settle down, not to forget Jake and his bird brain and Bertha the annoying yet lovable housekeeper. That the two and a half men I know and love.

– Melanie and Derwin of The Game

Melanie (Tia Mowry) and Derwin (Pooch Hall) of my favourite series, The Game, are out! I was so upset when The Game went of the air for a bit and got super excited when I heard BET picked it up.  Reports say, they are leaving because there are involved in other projects but hopefully would be making guest appearances. Tia broke the news via twitter saying, “Just wanted to let all my fans know that I will not be returning to The Game for Season 6. It was an incredible run and I had lots of fun.” And word has it that Pooch is involved in a new project on Showtime, Ray Donovan.

Melanie was annoying sometimes, actually she was annoying a lot of the time. Playing that little miss rich girl doing Derwin a favour by dating him. She even gets more annoying when she puts her career on the side to focus on being a wife and stepmother, but I still love watching her. The series focuses  mainly on Derwin and Melanie, now that they are out, I wonder how they will twist the story to still keep me interested. Maybe Malik would be the next focus…..his silliness and attitude does amuse me sometimes.

Reality Shows

Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of New York

Though Bethenny, Kelly, and Alex are out, its Jill’s recent exit that shocked me the most. It probable wouldn’t be half as shocked if it was LuAnn that left…….infact it seems more likely that LuAnn would be sacked than personally decide not to return to the series. Jill was one housewife I whose lifestyle entertained me, not to talk about her awkward accent. She was always involved in one drama or the other. Just as the rumours started surfacing that Jill might return to the show, Bravo release an official statement saying, “We wish Jill the best, but there is no consideration of her returning to the series.” The Current housewives are, LuAnn de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson. O well… more Jill, Lets see who will entertain me, other than Ramona, this season. Sources say Jill might star in a Fox series called, The Beverly Jillbillies based on her move from New York to Los Angeles.

Shereé Whitfield of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Rumors have it that producers are looking for a replacement for Sheree……Wow! Sheree is the ex-wife of former Atlanta Falcons player Bob Whitfield. Sheree is actually entertaining, from her attempts to launch a fashion line to trying to branch into the acting world, Sheree will surely be missed. Even though it was said that she might not return for the 5th season, as of May 2012, she will be returning for one final season. Why did she decide to leave? Sheree says the excess drama played a role in her decision to leave, she said, “The direction the show is going in is no longer a fit for my lifestyle. I’m tired of the fighting and the cattiness. I want to be part of something that empowers and inspires women to not only be healthy, but to treat themselves with respect. I wish the rest of the women the best of luck. I’m thrilled to say I’m now a free agent and am already fielding offers.”  Bravo confirmed Whitfield’s departure in a statement saying, “We have enjoyed working with Sheree….we wish her all the best in the future.”

Chrissy and Emily of Love and Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop with out Chrissy…….hmmm, lets see what happens without her. Chrissy is Jim Jones’ girlfriend/fiancée. I am kinda excited that Chrissy and Jim now have their own reality series and though she says we can still expect plenty of drama, but sadly she says it’s not the physical, table top, hair pulling type drama I love. I just hope mama Jones or Yandy makes it into the series at least some hope of the type of drama I like to watch. The Drama between Chrissy and Jim Jones mum is unforgettable, lol, Team Psychotic and guess what, she’s getting her own reality show titled “Mama’s House.”…. Now that one mother that refuses to admit that she’s old. So since Chrissy and Jim are out to start their own show, what about Emily, Whats up with her and fabulous? Emily revealed that she’s leaving the show via twitter saying, “There will be a 3rd Season of love and hiphop NY but I will not be a cast member. The show was a great experience….” Rumors have spread around the blogosphere that Fabulous and Emily might be working on a reality show of their own as well as repairing their “coded” relationship without a dramatic yet scripted plot. Reports say Fabolous was never down for being on the show because he thought she was being played. Though the show might not be the same, it seems like there is still drama expected in the new season, seen as Yandy & Kimbella are both preggers.

That it for the series I keep up with…..Hopefully the producers would stop chopping of the cool cast members. Recently, I have discovered a new favs. and I must say am getting quite attached. They are;

New Girl – featuring Zooey Deschanel as Jess, kind of kooky girl in her 20s. In her attempt to get over her broken relationship, she moves in with three men, Nick – a bartender, Schmidt – a young white-collar professional and a womanizer, and Winston – a former basketball player.

2 Broke Girls – The 1st episode was so hilarious I was glued. It features 2 opposite girls, Max – who comes from a poor working-class family and Caroline – who was born rich but is now penniless after her father gets arrested. Rich girl gone broke, becomes waitress and moves in with broke girl……do you need any other reason to watch.

Lying Game – At first I didn’t think I could get into this series. I watched the 1st episode and at the end I saw Alloy Entertainment, the same people behind Pretty Little Liars and I was like ‘oh no’. Not to hate, but they have this thing about suspense and wanting more. Guess what, am hooked…. And yes the role of Sutton and Emma is played by the same person.

Blue Bloods – A police drama featuring Tom Sellack, Donnie Wahlberg……are you still waiting for a reason to watch…..

Common Law – Two words, Michael Ealy

True Blood – 1st I thought……See what Twilight has caused, every thing is now vamparized. The one day I got a hold of the dvd of season 1 and I was hooked……I watched it all through the night (which was a bad idea) and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd season. Am so into it now. The series doesn’t hold back on hot men, Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello, Stephen Moyer to name a few.

Fairly Legal – Kate Reed is a lawyer turned mediator who works in her father’s law firm. She recently separated from her hot lawyer husband who is running to be the next district attorney. The series also features Lauren, her father’s widow who is in charge of the Law firm. If you like Law drama, romance and all that expected in-between you definitely would love this show.

Have fun watching…..



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