Katie and Tom Cruise Split…..After 5yrs

6yrs ago….This famous image of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch declaring his love for then girlfriend Katie Holmes was all over the tabloids. A way back interview on Katie, stating her crush on Tom Cruise also found its way into the tabloids hands. Now fast forward 5yrs, fast foward past a proposal in paris, wedding in star-studded wedding in Italy, long-awaited pictures of baby  Suri……

When I first read in my timeline that Katie filed for divorce from husband of 5yrs Tom Cruise, stating irreconcilable difference, I thought…..What the hell???…..Then as days passed on, word on the street has it that Katie is seeking for sole custody of Suri……now thats deep….now I have that feeling what could have caused the separation. Way back when Nicole and Tom split, there are many speculations, including Nicole being sick of Tom controlling her. Once the split rumors were confirmed, reports ran rampant that the then-rising actress would receive $3 million a year for each year she was married to the mega movie star. 

To me ever since they got married, even though I was happy for them, their pictures together seemed funny, about 2yrs
into the marriage, looking at pictures, the glow in Katie’s face was missing. She does not look like the happy mom married

to Hollywood’s leading man. Opinions were raised when reports stated that Katie filed for divorce while Tom is as far away as Iceland, begs the question of how dominated she must have felt both by his stardom and his presence around the house. More speculation also surfaced that Holmes did not feel comfortable with Cruise’s commitment to Scientology.

Even though we may try to speculate on the exact reasons behind the divorce, the bitter truth is that we may never know the whole story. Coincidental…..Both wives were divorced at the age of 33. I wish both of them the best of luck during this difficult time. I hope the process doesn’t get messy, remember Cruise’s divorce from Kidman turn out to be a nasty one, filled with TMI’s………

Source: foxnews.com 

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