Guilty Pleasure: CUPCAKES

I have a confession! Am officially addicted to the WORLD’S BEST CUPCAKES……. I guess there is no need to state that I have a sweet tooth. Am a sucker for chocolates but funny I have used sugar in its self in the last 3yrs or more.

The 1st time I tasted this cupcakes was when my ex was tryna treat himself to a day in bed with his favourite things. When it comes to cakes, I take no chances. My birthday cake, I order a minimum of two just incase one is horrible. My favourite flavour, chocolate cake.

When I say chocolate cake, I mean, DARK BROWN, MOIST, FLUFFY, MELT-IN-YOU-MOUTH, SINFULY Chocolate cake. And that is exactly how the chocolate cupcakes tastes, don’t even get me started on the red velvet. Initially when there was so much hype on red velvet cakes and cupcakes, I was wondering what the fuse was bout. 

Well that was till I tasted this ones……simply awesome.

The moment I tasted one of the cupcakes, I was hooked!

Am sure you wondering who is behind this amazing cupcakes……….it’s CUPCAKE WONDERS, check out her blog, get the info, get addicted…..

Thank me later!



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