I Gotta Have Me an Awesome Closet

He said,
“We’re getting married. Should we get you a diamond?”
and she replied,
“No. No. Just get me a really big closet”.

That’s one of my fav. lines from my fav. movie of all time, Sex and the City the movie. Watching the 48th episode of Studio 53 Extra earlier this week, I got infatuated by Ene Lawani’s closet. It was totally amazing. It’s the first I’ve seen from a Nigerian, usually I’m obsessing over khloe’s closet or Kim Richard’s……My friends say am dreaming when I say that in my future house I must have a room dedicated to my shoes and cloths. That’s all this girl needs….lol

 Shame on you who thinks wanting that is just a fantasy……..and because it’s a movie, no one’s closet could look like that.  A lady in America just got that closet. Her husband hired the same designer, paid $175,000 to create a replica closet built for his wife. Now that money well spent when talking about expensive gifts. After all if Beyoncé can get Jay a plane for father’s day, my future millionaire husband ( I hope he is reading this) can get me something similar for mother’s day, and stock it too…..with a few red soles and lots more…….

Back to my love for Ene Lawani’s closet, I loved it so much I had to pause the TV to take a picture and let you see what am on about.

The Closet of My Dreams

Now tell me you don’t love that. Yes I admit yet again, I love the finer things in life and I am a fan of the real housewives series and if you are too you pretty much can guess which three closets am about to obsess on.

The 1st: Mary Schmidt Amons Closet as seen on The Real Housewives of DC

I’m pretty sure that if my mum reads this she would definitely upgrade her closet against thieves like me and my sister. Other that the fact that Mary’s closet is awesome, its has a unique feature that is definitely unique. Its features a biometric fingerprint scanner which enables allows only her access in. She said, “When you have daughters who wear your same size, you have to take matters into your own hands.” Think it’s a great idea? You can pick up one of these wardrobe-saving devices at the Home Security Store for $142.Now you gotta love that. From the look of her closet, she definitely has a magnificent taste.

The 2nd: Kyle Richards, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Not only is she one of the housewives of Beverly Hills, she is also Paris and Nicky Hilton’s aunty. Earlier this year, she cleaned out her closet for a good cause. She teamed up with HipSwap, a shopping website that delivers the hottest goods from neighborhood shops and celebrity closets right to your doorstep, to donate ten of her favorite clothing items and accessories from her designer-filled closet, with proceeds going toward a charity of her choice.

With special thanks to Closet Confessions we get to see the inside of her oversized wardrobe. Her entire closet is set up interior designer Faye Resnick. Check out the video below.

Seems like having a fabulous closet runs in the family, check out the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky’s closet

Nicki Hilton

Hmmm…….the life of a hotel heiress. Nicki Hilton is also known as the reserved heiress who has only been in the tabloid for a quickie marriage and fluctuation weight. I must say this is a fab closet with an amazing shoe collection.

watch her closet video.

Paris Hilton

The famous hotel heiress who is famous for her lifestyle has been off the tabloids for a very long time, not till last year when Daily Squib reported that she has embraced a new religion. Paris must have an awesome closet for Pop star keshia to have a song titled ‘Paris Hilton’s closet. Take a look at her collection and judge for yourself.

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend……Forget the pictures, here is the video

The 3rd: Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Maybe its a criterion to be a housewife of Beverly Hills, but here is Lisa’s closet too…….Looks fab right……Her closet has more channel than the store itself

and the collection of shoes………Wow……

Still caught up drooling on wardrobes and walking closets, Just as I decided to surf the web for pictures of other amazing closets, some of well-known stars and some unknown (Trust, I have all the pictures saved for future references), I coincidentally was watching an episode of Two Broke Girls, the one that featured Caroline’s closet in the mansion she once called home. What I liked most about the closet other than the futon/sofa in the middle, the revolving shoe rack. Now that was awesome and got me thinking way too far. For more on this, watch the 4th episode of the series. …….. Two things I must have (God willing) are a walking closet and an awesome nursery for my kids. Talking about awesome nursery’s am inspired to write something………

Drum Roll…………..Presenting the some of the most amazing closets I have stumbled on so far……..

1. I have no Idea who ones this, but I just love the sectioning in this closet not to talk about the lightning. Okay so if this were my closet, it would definitely be a whole lot more colourful than this. If the closet is this awesome I can only imagine what the shoe part looks like…..hmm daydreaming………

2. This is more like it.

3. Now this is what am talking about. This is exactly what my closet should look like now…….(FYI, Millionaire husband, not this is not the one I want for mother’s day)…….Shoes space, shirts, jackets e.t.c each item has its own allocated area. I might just decide to take a book from Kimora’s book and have a closet manager.

4. OMG……..Now if this is how the closet looks…..floor-ceiling-windows, mow imagine what the room……better still, the whole apartment looks like. From the look of things, this closet is definitely owned by a guy (waiting for Miss Right, lol) who travels a lot.

5. Not really my style, but I’ll manage, I like my closet out there, I want to be able to see what I have. This lady has no time to guess what’s behind door number 2.

6. Now that’s what’s up. Talking about saving the best for last. (millionaire husband take note……..this is definitely how we should roll.)

Here are some from my favourite celebrities

The Kardashian Sisters

They are known as E!’s 1st family and my favourite reality family. The Kardashian sisters are fashion fabulous.  They are stylish, gorgeous and have their individual personalities. Now living in their own houses, take a look at their individual closet and see for yourself who is the fabulous of the all…….

Khloe Odom
The youngest of the 3, She got married to former Lakers player Lamar Odom in 30days……What can I say…….She gives a new definition to falling in love…….I totally love her…….she is my fav Kardashian……fun fearless female in my books.

Khloe has definitely got shoes for days…………(future husband….Red Soles….that what I mean)

Kourtney Kardashian
Congratulations to the new mother who gave birth to an adorable baby girl recently. Okay, I admit, Kourtney is the strongest of the 3. 1st she pulls out baby mas, and now she give girth to Penelope Scotland Dissick in the morning and is out of the hospital by evening. I just wish she would be Kourtney Dissick already….but I love them all the same….not to talk about Mason….so adorable. The portable K sister in total owns 153 pairs of shoes (as of 2011). Let me let you lust for yourself. Check out that Celine Bag on the chair……….gotta have (Birthday 2012)

Even cuter…….check out a sneak peek at Mason’s Closet

Lol now it no more about baby Mas, but Baby Penelope S. Dissick, now that gonna be one stylish baby.

Kim K

Kim k, Kimye, Kimmie call it how you love it. The most famous Kardashian, Kimberly is also known for her body hugging fab outfits, shoes and overall amazing style.

Definitely a different house from the one above, but hey its amazing

For more fab. closet finds on Pinterest

Okay…..I have to wake up from this daydreaming, well for now till I own one, the thought are already in the works, all I need is an amazing apartment with 3 rooms, a professional non-over priced interior decorator and a 6 figure salary, I gotta be able to afford the red soles and Celine purses at least till I find the much talked about husband I have been sending hints to #wink.

…….Till the next obsession……..


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