Awkward post 60,000 miles above sea level!

I got this saying from a movie I saw recently, “Friends with kids”
“Would you rather die a slow and painfully with the one you love right by your side or quick and easy (am still trying to figure out what that means)”
Am in my twenties and I believe so much in the idea that one day I am going to have my fairy tale! Meet the right person, fall helpless in-love, so in-love that when he pisses me off I don’t have to guilt myself into forgiving him because he is my husband but because I love him as my friend, my lover (I love how that sounds), my bestfriend, my life partner (smiling as am typing) and the father of my twins (you have no idea how bad I want to have twins, identical ones)
I decided to actually write this right now while on a plane….the beginning of my summer vacation….I picked up my phone just after the seatbelt signs were turned on and cabin crew were making sure we had ’em fastened…..turbulance….that’s what I hate most about flight, sometimes it minor but when it lasts more than 5seconds suddenly half my life starts to flash before me, unexpected thoughts flood my brain and a go into a this state mentally. Physically am clinched into the chair, pressing hard enough I probably imprinted my ass image, fingers and legs crossed so tight! Arghh!!! How I hate to fly yet I do it at least 6times a year!
Turbulance over, now I can concentrate on my inflight entertainment, a movie tittled “A little bit of heaven” its a funny, sad, drama ’bout a lady who doesn’t like the idea of relationships but careerwise, she’s super successful! Suddenly she starts feeling tired but blames it on worklife stress! She goes in for a routine checkup and finds out she has colon cancer! Very unexpected, I pray it never happens to me or you!
She decides to live the last days of her life to the fullest, though 1st in denial but later embracing it and sharing it with the ones she loves! O the best part, she falls in love! That’s I must say the best thing in the world! Knowing that you have people who love you unconditionally and will be with you even through you darkest days! Friends and Family are very important! Knowing those who have your back regardless is even a lot more important.

“Why would I need new friends to laugh with when I already have the ones I can cry with”

Life though long is too short to spend it wasting your time with irrelevant people! In the wrong job! In the wrong life…..! Okay, this is totally not where I was going when I started writing this, I hope it makes some sense……my thoughts into my phone’s memopad on a flight where its ’bout nighttime at the place of depature and a few hours after mid day at my destination!


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