Chris Brown’s Album Stamped in Stores

I recently saw the pictures of Chris Browns new cd, Fortune with the message, “Warning do not buy this album, this man beats Women.”  The photo was said to be from the HMV Stores (Read Here). Since the incident in 2009, Chris Brown has been charged for battery and assault, served probation and did community service, he still seems to be paying his dues.

“Mr. Brown has served his debt to society in the years following his 2009 arrest for beating his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. There have been no further incidents of abuse towards women by Brown. Other celebrities have been welcomed back after they serve their time for worse offenses. Brown has expressed remorse for what he’s dome, and he should be allowed to resume his music career.”

I think that caption says it all. About three weeks ago, I watched Rihanna’s interview with Oprah on Oprah’s next chapter and it was indeed on of the most touching episodes of the series so far. The part I love the most was when she was talking about Chris Brown and I got teary watching that part. Not to say that I support domestic violence or in plain words, a man hitting a woman, but how long will it take for a man to be forgiven of such crime. Reading another report on this incident, another blogger talked about how upset she was about Chris Brown performing at this years Grammy’s just about the same time 3years ago when he beat Rihanna…..she said;

Had everyone attending the ceremony been hit with sudden amnesia? Were they all on another planet when every magazine on Earth was plastered with the LAPD photo of Rihanna, her lower lip swollen and bleeding, both her eyes blackened by the fists of the man they now were applauding? I was astonished and more than a little angry when singer Chris Brown performed at this year’s Grammys, celebrating the three-year anniversary of his brutal assault on Rihanna with a win for Best R&B Album and a standing ovation from the all-star audience. Or, like much of the world, had they all quietly decided that violent abuse of a woman isn’t really that big a deal if the perpetrator is famous? Read More

Some people believe that it our responsibility as a society not to reward people who commit these crimes and they refuse to show remorse…but is it not also our responsibility as individuals to forgive and give people a second chance? Not speaking about other people but Chris Brown seems to have paid his dues. He has a talent and I guess it was just a matter of time before he warmed his way back into our hearts, well my heart.

Again am not here to speak about those who think Chris Brown doesn’t deserve to see the light of day, but would it have been better if he simply disappeared of the earth?  Everyone makes a mistake, sometimes we do things at the moment not realising how much it would affect our future but sometimes what makes it easier to live through such an incident is knowing people are willing to forgive and support you.


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