Must Watch: Rick Ross – Hold me back (Made in Nigeria)

Thumbs up to Rick Ross……Officially the 1st international rapper (at least that I know of) to brave the ‘streets’ of Nigeria and make a video for one of his latest singles, hold me back, off the album God Forgives and i don’t……..

The video which has been online less that a week has already gotten its fair share of negative remarks for misportraying Nigeria (the giant of Africa)

“Rick Ross is just trying to paint a negative picture about Nigeria. We’re not monkeys over here,”

“Damn!!! I also don’t like this Rick Ross video shot in Nigeria. Just too negative.”

However not all comments were negative;

“Why do Africans always complain when foreigners depict our countries? Rick Ross shoots a video in Nigeria and everyone’s up in arms.”

“The Rick Ross ‘Hold Me Back’ video portrays the true picture of Nigeria. So far there has been lame comments on it.”

I am a huge fan of Rick Ross and I love the video and already own the album. If you ask me I really don’t see anything wrong with the video. I mean its not like he went to re-create the scenes. The video was shot in the slums of Nigeria and parts of the video features exactly that. Talking about Nigerian slums have you watched welcome to lagos or one of them Kemp series???. If anyone has issue with the video take it up with the government and have them sort out the environment. Or would you rather the video be similar to that of Nigerian artists who make their videos in South Africa and beyond. Maybe it would have been easier on the eye if it was a General Pype video right….?????

Here is the video of the version shot in Nigeria and After the 1st version shot in New Orleans.

and the original version



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3 replies

  1. Nice video…..I see what the force is about

  2. Like the original video better

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