Tutorial 101: Side Sweep Fishbone Braid

Its my friends wedding in a month and I’m trying to achieve the grecian look. What’s the best way to achieve the perfect grecian look than to have my hair done into a side sweep fish borne braid. The problem, I have no clue how to do the fish bone braid.

The next thought in my head, how to learn this unique braid…….two words You Tube. Thanks to this vide0 am slowly becoming a pro. Continue to watch it

A picture of the 1st time i tried it on my hair (weave)

How to do the Fish bone Braid (Herringbone)

I found this link online on how to do the french (herringbone) braid from behind. At first when i fist spotted this look on the red carpet, I thought it looked pretty easy, I clearly thought wrong, ’cause after a week of practising on my weaves I finally did it on my hair and that it. Although I must admit its easier to do on your own hair than it is to practise on a weave or on extensions. is one of the simplest braids on the planet to do, but one of the harder ones to make look good. Before I get self absorbed, let me share the knowledge.

Brush your hair (weave) until you get a smooth look (I read somewhere that to get the rough look just use your fingers through your hair)

As seen in the youtube video I used an elastic band to hold the hair in place to get the perfect side sweep.

Next, split the hair into equal halves so you have one piece on the right hand and the other on the left hand

Pick and pull a very small portion of hair from the left side and bring it over to the right side and merge it with the hair bunch

Then pick another piece from the right side and pull to the left side repeating the process until you have reach the desired length.

Secure the end with a tiny hair band to hold it in place.

I should have mastered this by the end of the month…….lol

Here are some pictures of my favourite fish bone braids


The fish bone braid with Lauren Conrad


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