Lagos Edition of Monopoly

Forget the Fendi tote, this has officially bumped itself up my christmas “must have” list. The world’s most played board game comes alive based on the City Of Lagos

Monopoly Lagos Edition

Monopoly Lagos Edition

Mrs Nimi Akinkugbe CEO Bestman Games presenting the City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly to Governor Fashola

Mrs Nimi Akinkugbe CEO Bestman Games presenting the City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly to Governor Fashola

I remember back in the days, playing this game for sometimes 2 straight weeks, one minute you are the richest player, next minute you landed on the wrong spot and have to literally sell your houses and hotels to payback. I remember having to mortgage properties, borrowing from the bank, cheating, lol…….wow, the good old days…..And the “good old days” have been brought back to life, thank to the genius behind it all, Nimi Akinkugbe, the head of Bestman Games producing the Lagos edition of the Famous Board Game. The highlight of the whole board game, what replaces the famous old kent road and may fair. Well, you probably guessed it, its Makoko and Banana Island. Other names that feature include, The Nigerian Stock Exchange and Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Some top hotels in Lagos (I am thinking Radissons or Oriental Hotel) also made the cut. Rumour has it that major landmarks such as Tinubu Square, the New Afrika Shrine nightclub, Third Mainland Bridge and the National Theatre were left out…

The famous GO TO JAIL spot reads KIRIKIRI jail…..who is more excited than I am????

The part I can’t wait to see, what the “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards read. I have stumbled on some and they made me laugh to tears. One of the cards read, “For attempting to bribe a law enforcement agent, pay a fine.” and another reads “You’ve been caught driving against traffic. Report for psychiatric evaluation,”

monopoly 4

monopoly 5

monopoly 1

monopoly 3

History of Monopoly

Monopoly is an American board game published by Parker Brothers. The game is named after the economic concept of monopoly, the domination of a market by a single entity. It can be traced back to 1903 when an American woman named Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. Magie Phillips created a game through which she hoped to be able to explain the single tax theory of Henry George (it was intended to illustrate the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies). Her game, The Landlord’s Game, was commercially published in 1923. A series of variant board games based on her concept were developed from 1906 through the 1930s that involved the buying and selling of land and the development of that land. By 1934, a board game called Monopoly had been created which formed the basis of the game sold by Parker Brothers and its parent companies through the rest of the 20th century, and into the 21st. The Monopoly game was developed in the US, originally based on streets in Atlantic City. A London version of the game was produced in 1935 and now in 2012, there is a Lagos Version. “Lagos is the first African city to have its Monopoly. Two countries in Africa have theirs, Morocco and South Africa. But there’s no city that has its own customised edition”.

Am super excited.



Bella Naija



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