……The Reinvention: A New 26…..


A Lifestyle blog is born……

…….I once had a dream to be a writer and to one day own a magazine, maybe become an Editor-in-Chief like Anna Wintour (Vogue) and Betty Irabor (Genevieve), a dream initially inspired by a frictional character, the one and only Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City). Becoming a writer for a top, well-known magazine like Cosmopolitan, Genevieve and Vogue would indeed be the peak of my career.  Writing is something I have always loved to do, but like every other thought, it has remained exactly what it is, a thought..…Where do I start? I decided to apply to a couple of magazines I love to read as a freelance writer, got a few responses but because I had just a few articles in my portfolio I wasn’t able to meet the criteria they required. For once I decided this would not be one of the dreams that would just be a thought so I did the next best thing, started from the bottom by opening a blog.

26sticks.wordpress.com was born on the 26th of May, 2012……

December 12,2012 was the last time I posted an article…….I guess the holidays got the best of me….One afternoon in March, I decide to check my blog-mail and found an email from the 23rd of February 2013, a reader asking why I stopped posting? The truth is, I had no reply……Ever since then, I have thought of what to do, about this….I came up with the following options; start a new blog and write about anything interesting I stumble on or continue with this blog, ‘switch it up’ and revive it……

…..From Bits of a social introvert to Anything about Anything that means something……

I still I’m very much the social introvert and therefore, still choose to remain anonymous. Hopefully one day I would be able to come out of this shell I have created for myself…..to dream big there was anything wrong with starting small……starting here……which is exactly what I am going to do…..Yes it might be the same thing you read everywhere, but it doesn’t have my perspective….my insight….I guess all I am saying is give me a chance to WOW you….lol

Thanking you in-advance for reading…….

P.S. leave your comments and suggestion, they only help to make the blog better……..



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