Ray J calm the F**K down

Ray J is really desperate to stay relevant….

1st let me say I am a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian clan, I was happy when she finally hooked up with Kanye and even more excited about the baby news. Okay so the rumour tabs and haters have been whispering a word or two about trouble in the Kimye paradise. That news, though I want it to forever remain a rumour, still didn’t stand to tick me off till this one…..


and here is a picture of the cover circulating the internet…..

….how do you define people who just wouldn’t get a life……Seems like when Ray J isn’t bickering about his relationship with Whitney, he is ranting about him “hitting it first” with Kim. After 6+ years, Ray J’s is still clinging to this relationship/sextape and if you ask me that is his claim to fame. Ladies, this is the type of asswipes we should avoid…..The song is rumoured to be based on his relationship with Kim and the sex tape which leaked way way back in 2007.

 “Hit it from north
Brought her head down south
Now that I’m finished
She’s on to Mr. West.”

That’s an extract from the lyrics….

This song is stupid, Ray J is insane and might I say is a genius for succedding in making us talk about him, the whole internet is buzzing about this and I’m sure the word RayJ has the highest hits/searches (probable with the word lunatic, insane attached to it)

Anyways, the sex tape was released in 2007, same year Keeping up with the Kardashians hit out tv screens, I can’t imagine what millions Ray J would bring to the Kardashian’s table this time (though I don’t think that was his intention)


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