Kanye West

Fashion Forward Future Hot Moms

Oh to be pregnant and ‘working it’……Gone are the days when pregnancy fashion seemed like a burden and maternity wear was shapeless and oversized. Celebrities have made being pregnant seem so hot, so adorable like “a must have purse.” Here… Read More ›

Kanye’s Many Norms

Kanye West is the man right now…….Just looked through the BET Hip Hop Awards nominees list…..He’s been nominated in practically ever category, we except rookie of the year and DJ.  I wouldn’t say that am Kanye’s biggest fan but I sure… Read More ›

Expensive Gifts….????

It no longer rumours that Kim K and Kanye are an item, all the romantic dates, trips and tabloids are more than enough proof. Last week was Mr. West’s 35th birthday and what’s the best gift Kimmie gets for her… Read More ›