Month: August 2012

The King – 35years on

Today, The King would have been 77years old. Today, tens of thousands of fans will gather in Memphis from around the world for a week of parties, concerts, tributes, panel discussions and more during Elvis Week 2012. Visiting the Graceland, Elvis’s… Read More ›

Yikes, I do then I don’t

Scrolling throw my phone timeline, as I do every night before going to bed and what do I see; “Evelyn files for Divorce, 41 days after saying ‘I do’….” Of all the wives from the Basketball wives series, Evelyn’s my favourite,… Read More ›

Define Impossible

This post is motivated by Olympic Athlete, Oscar Pistorius When I want something, when I really want something, I think hard…how do I achieve this? Everyday alive is a blessing. Sometimes in this life we find ourselves face with obstacles,… Read More ›

Its all about Rio

It all About RIO DE JANEIRO Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games now that is definitely something to be excited about. You can bet that Brazil has definitely been bumped up the list of my top 10… Read More ›

Left Handers Day

If you are left handed like me…….You gotta be excited……I mean I don’t hear any buzz about Right handers day. So many taboos associated with us! Its the 21st century, love it or move on……lool The 13th of August is… Read More ›